Part Time Volunteers

Join us for making moments matter for foster children. Can't make it to camp for the whole week? Still want to be involved? We have plenty of Part-Time Volunteer opportunities that can fit your schedule. Select the opportunities where you would like to serve. Our 

Part-time volunteers need to be at least 18 years old and are not permitted to count as a verified volunteer (2 deep person). We vet ALL of our volunteers and make camper safety our number one priority. All Part Time Volunteers must be willing to adhere to our confidentiality, expectations & limitations prior to serving.

Part-Time Volunteer Rules & Guidelines

Rules include modesty in clothing, always being 2 deep with verified volunteers when around campers, and signing our confidentiality form. 

Dress Code: Please wear modest clothing that covers well including sleeves on your shirt and closed-toed shoes. We ask the same of our campers and want our volunteers to be positive role models. We disclose the location of our camp on a need-to-know basis, any volunteers who will be joining us on-site will receive the camp location at least one week prior to camp. You will need to plan for at least an hour and a half of travel time from Lincoln when signing up to volunteer on-site. Thank you so much for your commitment, it truly makes a difference in the experiences we can provide to these campers. 

Some of our Part Time Volunteer Opportunities include:

Make sure you always know when we're looking for Part Time Volunteers