Volunteers must be 18+ (16+ to be a Junior Staff member)

New volunteers go through an interview process 

As you may guess: running a week of RFK camp is expensive! To cover the expenses and fund your way on this mission trip, we are asking each volunteer to raise support. There is no expectation that this money comes out of your pocket! Instead, please (please!) reach out to friends and family (and coworkers and Bible study partners and dentists and and) to partner with you for God's calling for your summer. This partnership request can be to fund your way, but also to support you in prayer! As a 501(c)-3 we do not have funding streams other than the support of our community, we are asking volunteers to commit to at least one of the following options:

Please do NOT let this be a barrier for coming to camp, contact Nick if you any concerns or questions about meeting this commitment and he is happy to problem solve with you. 

Always hear about when we're seeking Full Time Volunteers