Raising Support

As you may guess: running a week of RFK camp is expensive! To cover the expenses and fund your way on this mission trip, we are asking each volunteer to raise support. There is no expectation that this money comes out of your pocket! Instead, please (please!) reach out to friends and family (and coworkers and Bible study partners and dentists and and) to partner with you for God's calling for your summer. This partnership request can be to fund your way, but also to support you in prayer! As a 501(c)-3 we do not have funding streams other than the support of our community, we are asking volunteers to commit to at least one of the following options:

        • Raise $500 to support the financial needs of the ministry by asking family, friends and community members to donate money to our organization. Please consider the timing of this ask, as many donors may want to participate in year-end giving.

        • Commit to volunteering for at least three of the annual fundraisers: Send a Kid to Camp Day, Golf tournament, Garage Sale, Eagle Raceway, Give to Lincoln Day/Giving Tuesday

Please do NOT let this be a barrier for coming to camp, contact Nick if you any concerns or questions about meeting this commitment and he is happy to problem solve with you.

Toolbox for raising support. These resources are intended to be used as OPTIONAL tools for you to raise support for Royal Family KIDS Lancaster. They are not an expectation or a limitation.

Short Term Mission Trip Support Raising Steps

This document provides step by step ideas that can help you identify individuals you can recruit to sponsor you at camp.

Sample Letter

You can use this template to send letters or emails to potential donors requesting them to sponsor you at camp. Feel free to individualize and personalize your letters.

Volunteer Instructions for Raising Support
RFK Lincoln Support Template
  1. Create a Facebook fundraiser and select Royal Family KIDS Lancaster as the non-profit.

  2. Use the Canva Templates to personalize designs and share on Social Media - include ways they can donate

**Canva templates can be personalized with your own photo or edited to fit how you want to ask for support. You can use personal photos of yourself, or SAFE Photos in our shared google photo albums

2020 Safe Photos

2019 Safe Photos

RFK Safe Photos

Reach out

Personalize with a picture of you

Ask for Support

Add a safe picture of a camper

tell a story

Tell a personal story

Feel free to use these pictures to share general information with others while you are fundraising. Share on social media or print one and direct people to our website for more information.

**Most smartphones have a QR function built into their camera, people would just point their smartphone camera at the QR code to open the link on their device.